Adventures Of A River Piker

by Nathan Edgell

Me, Myself and I

My name is Nathan and i have a great passion for predator fishing. Based in England and happily married with my two sons fishing comes third after work in my life. That said i do manage to do a bit and to be honest not a day goes by when i’m not thinking about fishing or doing it. As an observation it appears to me that some anglers keep themselves going when they can’t fish by forum’s, blogs, having opinions, offering advice and expressing all this frequently on line. Hey i get it, as for me well i keep myself inspired and going by pictures, words and reliving all those highs and lows that angling has to offer. I do that mostly through my page and this is it. I have no desire to be competitive, appear on lists or be the next whoever, as for me that is based on my own experience’s difficult to sustain and requires certain sacrifices that i’m not prepared to make. Fishing it would seem can do some strange things to people and that includes me, myself and i, but i have no time for negativity having had enough to last a lifetime. What is sustainable, for me anyway is to celebrate all the fantastic adventures that fishing has to offer, from the friends and socials, to the hard won battles with all different species and sizes of fish all done in the great outdoors which is where i love to be.

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Gunki Iron Tournament

Nathan Edgell

October 5. 2016.

Gunki Iron Tournament Rotterdam 2016 Fishing means so many things to so many people and that really is the beauty of it and for me it can be summed up in one simple word; adventure.

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